Guðmundur K. Stefánsson, PhD

Hi! I am a Henry Norris Russell Postoctoral Fellow in Astrophysics at Princeton University. I work on developing and using next-generation instruments to discover and characterize exoplanets around nearby low-mass stars.

Research: Instrumentation

Precision Photometry with Engineered Diffusers

Precision ground-based photometric facilities play a critical role in confirming and characterizing transiting exoplanet candidates from space-based surveys such as the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). In Stefansson et al. 2017, I led the design and implementation of an Engineered Diffuser for the ARCTIC instrument on the 3.5m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory. Produced using specialized nanofabrication techniques, Engineered Diffusers are micro-structured optical devices capable of molding the image of a star into a broad and stable top-hat shape, minimizing photometric errors due to detector, seeing, and scintillation effects. Using the Engineered Diffuser on the 3.5m Telescope, we have demonstrated some of the highest photometric precisions achieved from the ground, or 62ppm precision in 30 minute bins.

As Engineered Diffusers are inexpensive, diffusers have now been installed and used at a number of different observatories to characterize a number of transiting planets (see Observation section below). If you are interested in trying a diffuser on your telescope, check out my Python package iDiffuse, and/or don't hesitate to send me an email.

Relevant Papers:

Precision Radial Velocities in the Near Infrared and Optical

I am a part of the instrument and science teams of two next-generation precision radial velocity (RV) spectrographs designed to detect and characterize planets in the habitable-zones around nearby stars: the near-infrared (NIR) Habitable-zone Planet Finder (HPF) on the 10m Hobby-Eberly Telescope, and the NASA/NSF funded NEID Spectrograph for the 3.5m WIYN Telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory.

The main science goal of HPF is to carry out a 5-year survey to detect and characterize terrestrial planets in the Habitable-zone around nearby mid-to-late M-dwarf stars within ~15pc. I currently maintain the HPF RV extractions, where we have demonstrated that HPF is capable of 1.53m/s RV precision on the nearby bright M-dwarf Barnard's Star (Metcalf et al. 2019), the highest precision RVs in the NIR. The main science goal of NEID is to detect and characterize terrestrial planets in the habitable-zone around nearby FGK stars with a goal RV precision of 30cm/s.

For newer updates, check out the HPF blog and the NEID blog.

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Research: Observation

Discovering New Planets Orbiting Nearby M-dwarf Stars

Using diffuser-assisted photometry and precision radial velocities with HPF, I have led or directly contributed to a number of efforts to detect and characterize new planet candidates orbiting nearby stars, with a particular focus on planets orbiting nearby M-dwarfs.

Relevant Papers:

Characterization of the Properties of Nearby M-dwarf Planet Systems

Using diffuser-assisted photometry and precision Radial Velocities (RVs) with HPF and other spectrographs, I am currently leading efforts to study the orbital and atmospheric properties of planets orbiting nearby M-dwarfs.

In particular, I am interested in using the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect to characterize the spin-orbit alignment of planets, a powerful probe of their formation and subsequent dynamical evolution. As is shown in the animation to the left, this method relies on measuring the angle between the stellar rotation axis and the stellar equator. As a star rotates, one hemisphere is blueshifted towards the observer, and the other hemisphere is redshifted. As a planet crosses in front of the stellar disk, the planet successively blocks differently blue and redshifted light from the star resulting in a detectable signature in the RVs during the transit. The shape and size of this signature is strongly sensitive to the obliquity of the planet, the angle between the stellar equator and the planet orbit.

Relevant Papers:

Press Releases

You Can See That From Here

Nanofabricated Engineered Diffusers Enable some of the Highest Precision Photometry from the Ground (Stefansson+2017, ApJ).


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Teaching and Mentoring


  • Sinclaire Jones (undergraduate at Princeton)
  • Marissa Maney (now graduate student at Harvard)
  • Yiting Li (now graduate student at UCSB)


Spring 2014

  • Astro 11 (008) Elementary Astronomy Laboratory, Instructor of Record.
  • Rooftop and Planetarium TA

Fall 2013

  • Astro 11 (004) Elementary Astronomy Laboratory, Instructor of Record.
  • Astro 1 (001) Astronomical Universe, taught by Prof Ravi Kopparapu.
  • Astro 1 (004) Astronomical Universe, taught by Prof Eric Feigelson.
  • Astro 10 (001) Elementary Astronomy, taught by Prof Alex Wolszczan.

Spring 2013

Physics 2V Experimental Labs in Physics 2V. Supervisors: Prof S. Þ. Ingvarsson and A. Ólalfsson

Fall 2012

Physics 305G Classical Mechanics, taught by Prof P. Jakobsson.


About Me

I am an astrophysicist who develops and uses next-generation instruments to better detect and characterize planets orbiting nearby stars, with a particular focus on planets orbiting low-mass stars. To study these worlds, I use two precision radial velocity spectrographs I helped design and deploy—the near-infrared Habitable-zone Planet Finder (HPF) on the 10m Hobby-Eberly Telescope, and the optical NEID spectrograph on the 3.5m WIYN Telescope—along with the diffuser-assisted photometry technique, a low-cost method I have shown is capable of approaching space-quality photometry from the ground.

I am currently a Henry Norris Russell Fellow at the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. I obtained my PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Penn State University in September 2019, where I completed my thesis "Extreme Precision Photometry and Radial Velocimetry from the Ground" supervised by Professor Suvrath Mahadevan as a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow (2016-2019). I completed my Bachelor's degree in Physics at the University of Iceland in 2013 where I worked in the Leosson lab in experimental nanophotonics with applications in biosensing, and spent a summer at Stanford University as part of the Summer International Honors Program.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at gstefansson - at -