14 July 2013


09 July 2013

Le Reculet

30 June 2013

The second highest summit in the Jura Mountains, France, conquered. Supposedly before 2003 it was the highest peak - somebody had to revise the elevation of Le Crêt de la Neige - we should have done this hike earlier!

Hiking in Creux du Van

23 June 2013


A group of CERN Summer students went on a hike to Creux du Van, Switzerland. Below you can see some empirical observations from the trip, backed up with photographic-evidence.


Highly dependent on height, and time of day.


Some visible. Mostly ibexes and birds (excluding some wild summer students).


In all the trip was a success, despite a small car incident (which proved to be trivial). I wish to thank the various people from all over the globe for the fruitful discussions we had, and also Nature for being so majestic. ???

Arriving at CERN

15 June 2013

WOW; for three reasons: First, I just left my home country for a looongish time, second, my airline was called WOW, and third their service was WOW-ishly slow - I almost missed my flight!

Well, thankfully I didn't miss it, and after eating a warmish baguette and smiling at the bad mistakes made by the two overly drunk guys sitting in the row diagonally in front of me (took a spontaneous decision to take a taxi all the way from Akranes to the airport, and bought the first ticket to Zurich - supposedly a random spot). Well, I eventually got there as well.

However, I was tired. Having only slept for two hours before my flight I didn't even bother to try to find my way to the train station myself, and I went straight to the information desk. The girl in front of me had the exact same question I was going to ask; "How do I get to Geneva?" - it turned out she was Icelandic as well, moreover from Húsavík (like half of my family are from there); the world is smaller than I thought! We resolved to share this part of the trip; trips are more fun with friends.

The train ride was great. I almost forgot how tired I was. She had been all over Europe it seemed, knew most of its main languages, and was planning on going on a trip to more exotic places: Africa, Asia and perhaps Australia (if she had the money and time). I wondered if I will ever travel so broadly, I haven't even been south of the equator... Well, I hope so, and will then definitely add South-America to the list as well!

Switzerland seems like a cool place. During the train ride - travelling practically across all of Switzerland - it was fun to see how the main language changed. First German, but as we got more and more south, the German-speaking-Swiss-people gradually gave way to their French speaking cousins in the Lausanne and Geneva region. Every place has its ups and downs though, and for now it seems that for Switzerland its their pricetags - they are too high!

I eventually found my way to CERN. I felt like Gordon Freeman - I passed the gate at Entrance B, met the guard, got a quest to go to building 39 to grab my hazard suit (and key). After smelling the ashes of nuclear waste when passing through the tunnels under the CLIC building, I found a crowbar near the Lambda reaction core in the sector F Lambda Complex; I was ready to save the world.

Hello World

14 June 2013


My name is Guðmundur Kári [read it however you like - Icelandic pronounciation can be quite hard, believe me!], and yes, I'm from Iceland, "the land of the ice and snow, with the midnight sun and where the hot springs blow...". I'm leaving this place pretty soon though, and that for quite a while it seems.

This seems to be my first post here, and I might as well tell you who the intended audience is; well, everybody - everybody interested enough.

My skills in predicting the future have never been that good, so I can not be sure what I will be posting here, but I can say that it will probably be largely governed by what I think of at the spur of the moment. Probably then, this blog will end up being full of sound and fury, written by an idiot, signifying nothing... - well, lets see!

Ergonomically handwritten code, with a little help from my friends; vim, jekyll and twitter bootstrap