HET trip - day 1

11 November 2014 het hpf research

A quick update on the trip to McDonald Observatory in Texas (more to come later):

Purpose of the trip

To install the HPF thermal enclosure and start subsequent temperature monitoring (using Paul's awesome LakeShore - Raspberry Pi setup). The HPF - which needs to be extremely stable temperature-wise - will sit inside this enclosure which will buffer the temperature variations in the basement of the Hobby-Eberly telescope dome. We are hoping to achieve a factor of 10ish buffer; we can deal with a facor of 5ish.

Skies and weather

Excuisite, but cold, (~ -5 Celsius at night). Pictures below:

Contact Info

Guðmundur Kári Stefánsson
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
The Pennsylvania State University
421 Davey Lab
University Park, PA, 16802

Email: gudmundur [at] psu.edu
Twitter: @gummiks

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