14 September 2013 pennstate photography

"What is a Tailgate?" - I naively asked my friend. "Its something typically American - you should come!", she answered. I did.

The jist: Its basically an excuse to have fun.

It usually involves grillin, and beer. Moreover, you aren't obliged to go to the football game that follows - well, I didn't have a ticket. I still have no idea how that sports works - I guess I have to make up it at some point during my years here.

But wow. There were a lot of people around. The town practically exploded. "During game weekends State College becomes the third biggest town in PA" - duly noted! Supposedly Penn State takes tailgating to another level - Beaver Stadium could house the population of my whole capital easily!

I had fun. Others had too.

Two random things; met a fellow that had visited Iceland - he said he would easily do it again, anytime. I know I would too. Second, some people seem to possess a natural talent in drinking games.

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