21 July 2013 cern travel

I like travelling. I try to do as much of it when I have the chance, and when I have the friends to take with me; travelling is much more fun with friends.

We decided to go to Bern - one more day of getting up way too early after too little sleep.

I won't do a chronological account of this trip or anything, as it was mostly characterized of spontaneous, on-the-fly decisions. I'll post a few pictures though - I might say a few words about them.

One thing though; I recommend checking out Adventure-House in Bern, its a cool place run by a cool physicist.

Does a cola bottle (unopened) float in water?
How about a sugarfree-one?
Is, uhm, a tree in the pattern?

Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood,
with his memories in a trunk,
passed this way an hour ago,
with his friend a jealous munk.

Now he looked so immaculately frightful,
as he bummed his cigarette,
then he went off sniffing drainpipes,
and reciting the alphabet.

You would not think to look at him,
but he was famous long ago,
for playing the electric violin,
on Desolation Row.


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